Based on its know-how accumulated for many years, 

2% Entertainment is a comprehensive distribution solution business

that performs distribution of contents within all major platforms at home and abroad.

2% Entertainment shares each other's vision with a partnership that is more than  just a business relationship,

and provides continuous exposure management using a variety of routes to promote shared growth.


Various content distribution service platforms


New Released Promotion

Promote exposure to the latest areas within a range of platforms, including Melon, Genie and Bugs

Pick-up Promotion

selection system

through various methods

Expose domestic store selection with

 know-how of 2%

Advertising System




Maximize the advertising effect through the actual participation of the public,

not by the participation of a random person who met the count only.
It has the effect of enhancing a positive image of clients through fun

and unique events that encourage participation.
Because it has a large number of people participating in events, it is possible to induce simultaneous actions.

Delivering a differentiated analysis

Preview actual settlement details

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